Journey Of My Life – From Passion To Pleasure

We each have our reasons to be gay, straight, bi-sexual, transsexual, asexual, undecided or confused. Mine is pretty simple and straightforward. When I was 4, I watched the video of the movie ‘Terminator’ with my family at home. Remember, the iconic opening scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger was walking around naked searching for clothes?

At the age of 4, I had my very first rock hard boner when I watched the scene. (According to the moms at, it’s perfectly normal to have an erection at that age). BUT, I didn’t know what’s going on and I ran into my bedroom with my hard-on. If only I showed my “little boy” erected dick and asked my parents what’s going on down there… I think it would have saved the trouble of coming out to them in my teens.  I doubt they will bring their 4 years old son to psycho-electrotherapy. Damn, I should’ve done that. And I remembered later on I keep pestering my dad daily if there is any technology that can show the image opposite from the camera’s direction – I wanted very badly to see Arnold’s nude full frontal (and I was granted my wish in my teens (1997, 14 years old), at last…you can click the links below…these are the ones I saw in magazine!!).

 I never heard of another sexual experience or “born to be gay” story which is gayer than mine. If you do, please share it with me.

I started to learn how to swim at the age of 7, which changed the next 20 yrs of my life – I became a swimming coach. Thanks to my mother who threw me in a swimming class, and discovered I sort of have a talent in it. Since then, the swimming pool became my second home and I watched nude bodies more than cartoons through the years and for the record, I watch ALOT of cartoons. My coach who became my boss later on, who gave me confidence as a person, job skills to survive, was very supportive of me and encouraged me to be myself and embrace my sexuality. Mr.XXX thank you!!! I’m very grateful.

I became a teenage gay activist at the age of 16. A bunch of gay and lesbian secondary school kids form a LGBT secondary school student self support group. Today, that is nothing, you see gay kids under 16 around the internet all the time (pls be careful and don’t meet strangers!!), but in that 56k dial in internet age, forming a LGBT student group was pretty impressive. To the degree that I was on TV news, magazine cover, and had 3 weeks of non-stop media interviews. My mum wouldn’t talk to me for a month.

That was quite a tough period. But I am glad I did something for the gay activist movement in Hong Kong. And regretted that I didn’t show them my boner at 4 to give them some have mental preparation… their son is gay. Anyway, I started to get involve with some HIV prevention programs and this led to another new path of my life later on.

I thought I will be a swimming coach for life the moment I entered into the industry at the age of 14. I already decided after college, I will give it all to sport education and be a successful coach. When I look back now, I have no regrets – I got my level 2 swimming coach certificate at the age of 23, a certification only 3 other coaches have at my age in Hong Kong. I had a great swimming team, a number of favourite students, a bunch of them followed my whole career and delivered ground breaking records! Some of them can already swim in butterfly strokes when they were still in kindergarten. Kids, I am still very proud of you!!

Now, I’m not a paedophile, and have NEVER been into kids that way. At the age of 4, I had a boner from watching Arnold Terminator…I wish he was though…LOLOL….OK, paedophile is not acceptable ah! Give them some time to grow up please…

Anyway, like rivers will somehow someday flow to the sea, so does the water of my life flow to a brand new path. This is life. I gave up my 11 yrs passion of swimming and coaching for another deeper passion – love. Corny, right?  Yeah, this is one of those corny love stories like all the others, I met a really special guy (drool, drool, whoosh whoosh) and I decided to move to another country – Singapore.

You know, when you meet someone and decide to move to another country because of ‘love’, everybody will ask you to think twice. In my case only 2 of all the people I know encouraged me to go for it. Even some evil-lyns bet on when I will come back with a sad face. And being perfectly honest, it is not easy, but I am fortunate enough to be with a right guy. 3 years passed by and we still believe in what we have in the first place and we ALMOST got married in Barcelona. Why ALMOST? Because the process of paperwork which takes 9 months for non-Spanish citizens. It would have been a perfect plan, cause 30 of our closest friends were there too, we could have had our wedding with them there.

Anyway, about my “Tofu” (nickname for my Boo), I’m Tauxi btw, he is also a gay activist in Singapore and he is very involved in HIV-related advocacy. He has his PhD in the study of drugs for HIV. Together, we went for a few big international AIDS conferences and met many individuals who are passionate about HIV prevention work.

It was because of this passion that we chance upon some research that showed water base lubricant may not be safe for anal + vaginal intercourse – which makes it 17 times easier to be exposed to HIV and other STIs (sexually transmitted Infections).

I tell you, it’s really hard to find a good lube right? Especially in our region, A lot of people don’t even really know about GOOD LUBE!!! – some of us are even 100 evolution steps back, using KY or even saliva for sex. I think both are the worst option for sex. I mean, they dry fast and get sticky!! Not pretty.

In my opinion and vast experience, a lot of times when the sex wasn’t that great, actually it wasn’t because of the other person, or their size (ehem), it’s the lube!

So…for the greater good (uh huh) of all pleasures, I’ve gone into another passion…“GOOD SEX enablement”…without me being there. I’m going to research, test, get a good company to manufacture and launch a price conservative, awesome lubricant that can help you water based lubricant users out there have better sex or love making.

Here is where I stand, to present you with a lubricant for your enjoyment…a lube that lets you slyde in and out of tight spots.