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SuperSlyde Story

SuperSlyde has been in development for over 18 months in order to bring you the best personal silicone lube on the market. Why? How? Find out here.

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Why SuperSlyde?

Whether you are straight or gay, male or female, find out why so many people who have discovered SuperSlyde Silicone Lubricant have chosen us to be their favourite personal sex lube.
Good lubrication, like pheromones, having the right “equipment”, and technique (knowing how to use it) is an essential, though often overlooked, element of good sexual chemistry. Unlike the rest, good lubrication is the only element of sexual chemistry you can buy off the shelf. Few realise that the quality of personal lube used can make the difference between having a “so-so” and “Over the Top” sexperience. A sure-fire way to instantly ignite your performance and enhance your pleasure is simply by selecting the right personal lubricant. Too many choices? Don’t know where to start? We’re here to take the guesswork out – SuperSlyde is here to the rescue!

Silicone lubricants have long been considered a “premium” lubricant because of its many qualities:

  • Slippery and smooth, silicone lubricant forms a sheer layer which your skin simply glides over
  • Since these lubes contain no water, they take much longer to dry, staying slick for a long time
  • Non-irritating, silicone is great for people with sensitive skin
  • Reapply less frequently, a few drops go a long way
  • Feels slick and slippery, not sticky after a few minutes of use
  • Can be used for full body massage, may be left on skin for moisturising effect
  • Since it doesn’t break down in water, can be used in the shower or bath, or underwater or in the rain (if you’re into that)
  • Latex-safe
  • Does not contain glycerin
  • Does not promote yeast and other vaginal infections
  • Has not been shown to increase the risk for HIV transmission during anal intercourse, as some water-based lubes have [1]

Not all silicone lubes are created equal – subtle yet significant differences exist between products, and during our development process, we realised “just as good” was simply not good enough. We wanted SuperSlyde to be the best in its class. Delving deep into silicone chemistry, we have isolated multiple variables that affect the physical and performance properties of silicone lubricants. By carefully controlling each variable, we were able to arrive at SuperSlyde’s breakthrough formulation, a development process that took over 18 months and countless variations that were tested both in the lab and actual usage conditions. How did we do this? By carefully controlling the catalysts, silicone chain lengths, coupled with optimal mixing temperature and relative humidity, all through a stringent GMP certified manufacturing process, we were able to arrive at our winning formulation. The result, a silicone lubricant that truly is unlike any other on the market – SuperSlyde. In short, SuperSlyde is

  • Super slick and smooth
  • Unbelievably sensual
  • Ultra long lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating
  • Latex safe

Not only that, SuperSlyde has

  • Great packaging
  • Unique one-hand/no-drip dispenser

SuperSlyde is made in Singapore, under strict certified-GMP conditions, giving you the assurance of quality and safety. Because SuperSlyde is manufactured and marketed in-house, we are able to manage our costs, cut out the middlemen, and pass the savings to you. Final conclusion: You can enjoy what is possibly the world’s best silicone lube at a very affordable price.

In a double blind consumer survey comparing SuperSlyde to several market leaders, we asked survey participants to use and rate each sample based on the following performance scales:

  • Slickness
  • Sensation
  • Duration of lubrication
  • Texture & thickness
  • Ease of cleaning

Superslyde received the highest scores on each scale, and was rated the highest overall. Finally, when asked to pick only 1 product, 9 in 10 survey participants preferred SuperSlyde. Mission accomplished – SuperSlyde is officially Over The Top!

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In 2010 and 2011, newly published studies highlighted by the IRMA Lube Safety Council raised concerns about the safety of personal lubricants that were on the market. These studies raised the concern that the use of water-based personal lubricants were associated with a three times higher rate of anal STIs (gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis) than those who used none. This effect was independent of the number of partners people had, how many times they had sex, and whether they used condoms or not. Further studies showed that water-based lubricants that were hyperosmolar “were actually damaging the epithelium of the rectal and cervical tissue,” said Charlene Duzzetti, the University of Pittsburgh researcher who led the study(1). “The ones that were not hyperosmolar, that didn’t have any salts in it, and the silicone-based one did not show any damage”. The top layer of cells that provides the greatest barrier protection from disease was stripped away by the lubes. The higher the osmolality of the lube, the greater the damage. In another study, some particular brands of water-based lubricants were even found to enhance HIV replication in vivo by as much as four times(2). Silicone lubricants were not found to have these risks or cause any cell damage. (1) Russo J, Duzzutti C, et al. “Safety and Anti-HIV Activity of Over the Counter Lubricant Gels”, Microbicides 2010 presentation (unpublished) (2) Begay O, et al. “Identification of Personal Lubricants That Can Cause Rectal Epithelial Cell Damage and Enhance HIV Type 1 Replication in Vitro,” Aids Res Hum Retroviruses. 2011 Jul 20; 17(11):997-1002
No matter whether you are having anal or vaginal sex, silicone lube is the right choice for you. Anal Sex (from “UT Texas Healthy Horns“) Lube is a must for anal sex. Since the anus is not self-lubricating, anal sex without lube is painful and risky. Friction during anal sex can cause tears to the tissue, increasing risk of STIs, including HIV. To reduce tearing and increase pleasure, apply lube (and a condom) before penetration, and reapply as needed. Because the anus and rectum absorb water, silicone-based lube lasts longer than water-based lube, and is the preferred choice when choosing an anal lube. Vaginal Sex (from “Talk Sense with Brenda“) When choosing a vaginal lube, here are the many reasons why silicone lubes are safe and actually better, in most cases, than water-based lubes: 1. The three types of silicone used in lubes, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and Cyclomethicone, are completely inert. That means that they will not bind to anything, including bacteria or fungus. Therefore they do not promote bacterial growth. Some of the additives in water-based lubes, and some of the oils in oil-based lubes can promote bacterial growth. 2. Silicone lubricants are much less likely to drastically change the PH level of the vaginal enviroment – other types of lubes can do this which can potentially lead to infections and can interfere with conception 3. Although silicone lube does not wash off with water, there is no causes for concern with that inside the body because while it remains in the body, it is inert, not causes irritation or infection, and then is naturally flushed from the vagina as are other foreign substances 4. Women experience all kinds of microscopic damage and trauma to vaginal tissues during sex. Those small tears and irritations can create openings for viruses that live in the bloodstream, such as HIV. A personal lubricant helps to reduce the friction and therefore the amount of damage. Silicone lubricants are even more smooth and slippery than other lubes and are thus even better at this. 5. Because silicone lubricants do not wash off in water, they are perfect for play in the shower or other wet environments. 6. Silicone lubricants are not thick and sticky and so they don’t leave that awful gunky I-must-shower-right-now feeling after sex. 7. Silicone stays on the surface of the skin for a long time which makes it the perfect handjob lube – ever so much better than other lubes which have to be constantly reapplied, truly ruining the mood! 8. Silicone lubes are super-slippery so, as Cory Silverberg write on, “If you live in an area where there is snow in the winter, silicone based lube is great for putting on the bottom of a sled or toboggan and going down hills!” They are also great on a slip-and-slide. Silicone lubricants are used by many manufacturers of lubricated condoms, so the claim that they are not condom-safe makes no sense at all. Really, the only danger you’re likely to face from a silicone lube is slipping in it and cracking your head open on your bathroom counter.
Global Shipping We support global shipping of all items in our online store to permitted countries. Items will be handled and processed within 2 working days from Singapore. Delivery time depends on method of delivery chosen, and destination country. Free Shipping Worldwide We offer FREE regular shipping worldwide. Please note this option is unregistered and does not come with a tracking number. If you choose this option, AARI Pte Ltd and SuperSlyde will not be held responsible for any parcels lost in the mail. SuperSlyde shipping-fee-table-EN 13-06-18 Registered Shipping & Handling Options For additional peace of mind, we also provide registered mail options to allow tracing of parcel delivery for a flat fee of only SGD$3 wherever you live. For faster registered parcel shipment we provide shipment by FedEx Express. For more details of FedEx shipping rate, please refer to – Estimated Shipping & Tax. Shipping Package All products will be shipped in discreet plain envelopes or camouflage boxes, sent by Abra Advanced Research International Pte Ltd with the product description as “Personal Care Product”. No mention of “SuperSlyde” or “silicone personal lubricant” will be made on the envelope/box.   order parcel sample pic 2 Multi-language Online Store If you wish to change the language of our online store , please click the Google translate button on the top left corner of the page. If you need any further assistance, please email us at Currency Display The currency converter is displayed on the left column of All currency conversions are for reference only, and payment will be in Singapore dollars upon check out. Bank Transfer Option for Hong Kong Customers SuperSlyde currently accepts bank transfer options to Hang Seng Bank (HK). For more information and options, please email us at For Hong Kong Customers For customers from Hong Kong, please fill in the Hong Kong postcode as – 999077 under the Zip/Postcode column. For Macau Customers For customers from Macau, please note that PayPal currently may not support transaction from that zone. For more information and options, please email us at

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